House Policy


The Blurry Pixel makes safety and an enjoyable time for everyone our top priorities. To facilitate this, we require all patrons to adhere to a few house rules:

1. No Outside Food or Beverages: Our kitchen is open late and our bar (including non-alcoholic beverages) is open until close so no need to bring your own! Any outside food or drink (with the exception of cake for reservations) brought onto the premises will be disposed of upon entering the bar.

Illegal alcohol use (e.g, bringing your own alcohol, attempting to purchase for minors, etc.) will result in being banned from future entry for the individual and their party. We reserve the right to inspect.

2a. Persons under the age of 16 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times.

2b. No admittance to individuals under the age of 19 years after 9:30pm: Zero exceptions

3. No harassing other patrons. We have zero tolerance for harassment and breaking this rule may result in bans from future visits. If you feel as though this has occurred to you, please discuss the incident with any staff member in private and the appropriate actions will be taken.

4. If you’re going to sing on Rockband, it must be on expert only, with the “no-fail” setting turned off. Any fails made on account of the singer will result in one of our staff distracting the party while another staff member “discovers” the microphone to have “magically” disappeared. Only a few exceptions apply.

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